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Office365Distilled - ADKAR from Barcelona

Newsletter of Office 365 Distilled
The Barcelona tapes are the outputs around Change and Adoption of Microsoft365 from the infamous Podcast due to Marijn and Steve.
with 4 days in Barcelona you can create a bunch of ideas and content… and drink a few whiskies!!

Office365Distilled a Bar conversation with nuggets of knowledge
Focusing in on Collaboration 4 ways!
In this short form 18.50 minute podcast, Steve and Marijn talk from experience about 4 principles to enhance collaboration: Digital affinity, a good adoption process (that also includes the technophobes), tools that have baselined governance and a feedback mechanism for improvement.
Change Management 5 ways
Steve and Marijn talk about the 5 components that make up the ADKAR methodology: What they are, what you need to do, what we think is necessary here and how to measure if you are on the right path. This will serve as a base for our next “Matured” episodes, in which we will look at each of those components in depth.
Making the Audience AWARE
In this first “Matured” episode, Steve and Marijn go deep on the ADKAR process, taking the first A – Awareness (we didn’t have to look that up, we promise!!) and discuss the why, what and how to make this first step a success when rolling out Microsoft 365. Filled with examples and experience, this is adoption content matured for you to enjoy (responsibly).
Setting the DESIRE is the most important
Steve and Marijn continue their journey of shorter discussions on ADKAR focusing on this session on Desire. Within the spirit of Barcelona high on the boy’s mind, this episode is based on the ideas from the Barcelona tapes but finished in Marijn’s front room. Make sure you catch the Postscript at the last minute when Marijn encapsulates ADKAR… it is very cool
Ensuring they have the KNOWLEDGE
Knowledge as training is discussed in a way that ensures people are ready for the change, what they need to do and prepare for. It is easy to describe knowledge as training, but you need to bring in the desire to want to learn. After making users enthusiastic about change then a holistic learning program shows the organisation’s commitment to supporting the change.
Proving you got it right with ABILITY
Having the ability to change or do something is about proving yourself. Knowing something and delivering something is different. In a setting such as Adoption and Change management, the proof is in the delivery. Where the Individual provides that have the Awareness, Desire and knowledge but now proves their ability through delivery. The boys point out that we cannot finish and move to the R – reinforcement if the Individual has not delivered the change. Demonstrating the ‘Ability to Change is the Definition of Done when you are Maturing the Ability
90 days to change a habit needs a reminder
On Monday your team delivers on the change and confirms their ability to deliver change based on the knowledge they have learned. The boys talk about ways to help confirm that people are on the right track and suggest creating a community of success. Marijn quotes ‘something he read’ that it takes 21 days to drive change and 90 days to change the old habits. It potentially gives you a timeline for this stage of the ADKAR model. Bribery is discussed, OK a bonus system where savings are identified as part of the change and fad back into the bonus system. Bottom line is that people who have learned and delivered change can easily revert back to the old way of working unless you remove the old way and reinforce the new way to keep the people positive and happy.
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Steve Dalby

Marijn and Steve are two experienced Office 365 and SharePoint consultants. We talking about Office 365 and then introduce you to what we hope is a new Whisky.

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